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Stock trading

Stock trading

By on Aug 11, 2016 in Binary Options, Trading |

Buying stocks lead to profits today, but not as it was before global crisis 2008. Profit will be decreased mo matter how much effort, knowledge and money you invest comparing to those years from 200. To 2008. In the period from 2004. To 2007. The global stock market was growing by 60% per year, which led up to 100% of profits per year no matter which stock or company you choose. Many investors gained a fortune in that period, and some of them made a whopping 500% profit by the investment.


Although most brokers advise their clients that best trading is the one with a positive outcome for the client, many traders are not listening, and they are making uncommon trades, which sometimes result in great profits. That is because brokers post4are not into risk with your money, but playing on „safe“ with secure and usually smaller profits. Anyway, for your money, you can ask the broker to do everything you want, even if it leads to total collapse of your funds, but who knows, you might just hit the Golden Hen on the stock market. However, you should never invest everything you have in the stock market; that is the advice that all brokers and stock market experts and analysists will tell. Many people earned millions on the stock market but at the same time many of them lost a fortune on it. This means that you need to be sure that you understand all the risks that trading on the stock market if followed by, and you need to pay attention to some biggest factors that influent the stocks you have invested in, no matter if you gave over all that job to your broker.

There is an interesting story that comes from a lady that made some fine cash by trading on the stock market. Namely, she decided torobinhood invest a few thousands dollars into stock market, and she came in the first broker house she saw. She told the broker that she doesn’t want to became the millionaire, but only to check out how it is going, and to make some small profits. He recommended some good companies which stocks are on the constant rise, and she bought some stocks of 3 of them. But, the lady decided to make a condition, she insisted on selling all of her stocks after five days of constant rise, no matter if there is a rational look that the rise will continue, but she was determined in that. The broker told her that it is not the problem, and did so. That was her secret of success because many other traders risk-arbitrage-stock-tradingbelieved that stocks would keep on rising on the sixth, seventh and more days, and sometimes it was, but her strategy remained as she demanded at the beginning. All of this lead to quick purchase and sale of stocks and fast and relatively small amounts of profits. After a while, she started to research the stock by herself and started to require the broker to buy stocks of other companies which she finds good for stock trading. The broker was surprised, but the lady gained profits every time. The point of this story is that it is not always necessary to blindly follow rules of the stock market, perhaps it is better to listen to the intuition and make small, fast and secure profits with a little more risk.

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